01.03.2011 родились щенки бигля
От пары: Fallow From Elly's Pack x Absolutely Spotless Wenus
  01.03.2011 were born puppies

From pair: Fallow From Elly's Pack x Absolutely Spotless Wenus


Fallow From Elly's Pack  Ayers Rock
 From Elly's Pack
Beagelee Finnish Spirit Toonhund Gagney
Daragoj Personal Agenda
Izabelle From Elly's Pack
Red Baron Sweet Pete
Snugglewood's Zaffiro 
Basic Drive's  Ice Cream And Cookies Windkist a Walk In The Park 
Just-Wright I'm a Pepper
Bijoux a Walk In The Clouds
Basic Drive's Crazy For You
Dialynne Living Legend
Dialynne Special Delivery
Absolutely Spotless  Wenus Lanbur Cafe Macchiato Daragoj Crystal Rain Clarion Crystal Fire
Daragoj Lovanote
Daragoj Wake Up Call Daragoj Brave Heart
Daragoj Kuurankukka
Calabria's Kamilia
Tel Quel
Daragoj Country Classic Clarion Crystal Fire
Daragoj Lovenote
Borowka Tel Quel Harehunden Drufus
Daragoj Opera


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